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Thread: I Still Cant Connect

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    I have been trying to connect for ages but i cant

    i used to have K Lite 2.4.2 and it worked fine

    then i got 2.4.3 and it would never connect so i just got Clean KMD 2.6.0 or whatever and that wont connect

    My comp is on a LAN, (thru to my moms pc) so i have the firewall thingy set up correct (as it was for 2.4.2 when that worked)

    What is wrong?

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    yeah i read that and a load of other stuff and i still cant connect

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    Does it connect on your mom's?
    Win XP's built-in firewall may be blocking Kazaa/KL++.

    Check its settings and disable it -- get a REAL firewall if you need one, and allow KL++ access through it!


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