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Thread: My Observation

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    i may be wrong, but it seems that when kazaa or kl is looking for more than one download sources, and if this source is reached, then kazaa is downloading a limit amont of data from this source, like 10-20 mb, or 1 mb -2 in a slow connection when the fixed number of data has finished downloading, the connection to this source is automatically cutted and kazaa start to find another sources or try to reconnect to it. this is not big problem if the file ur looking for are shared by many people. but if fews person have it, and there is a huge among of demand, as soon as ur lose ur connection, it is hard for u to connect again to this sources. u just lost ur place to the next people who are queuing. my question is is it possible to fix ur download sources to one person and customize the among of data retrieve from the sharing person. as i said, i may be wrong, its just my observation

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    That's because you download the data in chunks.


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