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Thread: Connection Problems/network

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    I've just set up a network that appears to be working without problems; however, upon installing K-Lite v. 2.4.0, it will not connect. I've disabled my Norton Internet protection, tried changing the Socks5 server and all of that; but still no luck.

    Any help appreciated.

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    First Get A newer version of K-LITE HERE.

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    Done that now... got 2.4.3 - still having the same problems I'm afraid!

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    Already tried that too

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    Do you have filesharing turned on? to check go under options/ clean kmd/traffic.If it's not checked(Disable filesharing with other users .)check to diable it and close klite completly.And restart it and see what happens.

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    Yes, filesharing is turned on.

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    Disable it and restart k lite.

    Win XP's built-in firewall may be blocking Kazaa/KL++.

    Check its settings and disable it -- get a REAL firewall if you need one, and allow KL++ access through it!

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