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Thread: Hdd Temp Suggestions

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    i have 2 120 gig hdds. the maxtor with the cooler is on top of the other one. the maxtor is doing 24C with the cooler! it used to be 18-19 without the wd underneath it. rite now the fan is blowing hot air from the western digital to the maxtor. wat should i do? i don't have any more fans, so that's not gonna work. unless someone comes up with a way to mount a 120mm case fan to blow on those hdds, it's not gonaa work.

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    24 degrees is not hot.It is room temp.

    You have nothing to worry about at that temp.You are really infactuated with your temperatures aren't you? At the rate you are going if you just wait a week or two it will go to one extreme or another.It is either gonna be 10 degrees then you'll be coming here to tell us how cold it is, or it will be 50 and you'll be coming here to ask everybody why it is so hot. I have a good suggestion,uninstall speedfan or whatever program you use to monitor your temp and just let your motherboard monitor it for you.
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    get a thermometer and place it in your room

    if you only use air cooling, you will never get your drives down under the room temperature

    personally, i think your claims of 18 and 19 degree hdd temps in rooms hotter than that are absolute bullshit, but who am i to pass comment?
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