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Thread: Overnet Problems

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    i think this is cause i tried to enter a socks 5 in overnet but in the bottom left corner when i open overnet it says "ERROR:UDP Port Not Open" whats wrong. thanks.

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    sorry i dont know the answer to that but im also havin a problem with overnet i think ituses more hard drive space than is required when downloading a file.

    i started off with just 71.5 mb on 1 of my hard drives which is 80gb and just after downloading around 300 mb of a 700 mb movie my hard drive is sayin that ive used 728mb

    any 1 kno wots wrong?

    edit] ive just found out that overnet makes room with the tempory files to make sure u have the space to complete the file

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    its the same for emule and other programs i think.

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    ah ok


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