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Thread: Resumeing Download After Reformat?

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    I need to reformat my computer can i save the incomplete file to cd then resume it after i get everything back up and running good???

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    Yes, I don't see why you can't, but I would burn it at 1X so as to minimize the possibility of errors in the burning.

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    just wait till you download is done B)

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    thats the problem my computer was so messed nothing was working right so i couldn't... o well

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    Yeah mate it will be ok..If theres any damage form burning it(which i doubt)bt will redownload the part.

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    thanx ck

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    yes burn said file to cd


    dl bt

    put said file back on computer from cd

    dl torrent file again if you didnt save it to cd with said file

    open torrnet and save to same location as sadi file

    should resume just fine
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