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Thread: Onemx

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    OneMX is the Internet's newest file sharing program. Download MP3s, Movies, Games and more

    OneMX is free software, no spyware guaranteed. Easy interface is perfect for beginners or experts. Get the free download today!

    Search for music, movies, software, games, pictures and more on the eDonkey Network

    Fast downloads from multiple sources - browse other users' shared files, control your bandwidth, ensure safe file transfers with download resuming, file hashing, and more

    Chat with other users with the integrated IRC-based chat console, or exchange instant messages with your "friends" list

    OneMX connects to the eDonkey net, the world's second biggest peer-to-peer (P2P) network. Search for any type of file and download from millions of other users. Chat or send instant messages, control all your options, filter searches, and never get confused - OneMX has the easiest to use interface of all the major P2P programs! Best of all, the more you share, the more content you have access to- OneMX rewards those who share often and share a lot with faster priority downloads.

    Anyone tried OneMX ?

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    seems a bit fishy.. look at the screenshot that u click to download.

    I&#39;m 99 percent sure its a screenshot from emule.

    And it doesnt give u any information, just download.
    signature removed, check the boardrules.

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    i thought you posted onemx before sharedholder, but i remember where i seen this one now.
    It was posted on emuleplus&#39;s forum before. Its just emule i think. Better getting it from an official site.


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