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Thread: Registry Medic

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    has anyone used it? im wondering, does it automatically backup the registry before it goes deleteing stuff?

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    forget that, it can only delete 5 entries per scan. i dled regseeker instead. once it has found all of the invalid entries do you right click and delete?

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    Is shareware , i used long time ago and doesn't have anything special.

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    which? im forgetting about registry medic. my question is about regseeker which is freeware.

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    BE CAREFULL IF YOU DOWNLOAD THIS ONE ON K-Lite.I got a trojan from it.Registry Mechanic 2.1 Reg-Code Gen. size: 408 kb.

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    He means Regseeker

    I believe thats what you do. Right click and delete after you analyze the entry.

    Registry medic works fine for me. Who says you have to download a shareware
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