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Thread: Ha Same Old Same Old

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    yes Im very sorry to having hassle you guys about the 'Kazza lite connecting... but not connecting' problem.. and yes you'd direct me to the links whereby any possible solutions are provided.. However I have read all the FAQ and the 14page Thread about Kazaa Lite problems but yet can't find a solution (note that I have spent 3 hrs reading up on it.. no lies cos it's ten past 2 in the morning and I'm still trying to find a solution)

    My problem to you may be quite simple.. Basically my laptop has just been networked to my sis's PC (the host) and is providing me AOL broadband. Yes the internet works and everything.. but then when it comes to Kazaa Lite ++ and BitTorrent I cannot connect! I tried changing the Kazaa Lite ++ port no. but it doesn't work.. All firewalls been switched off but I still cannot connect. Is it the fact that Im with AOL broadband (and they are totally batty).. please please help!!

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    Not sure if it's anything to do with AOL. What OS are you using? And can the host connect to KL? If so, what os is that using?

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    Aol doesn't like p2p so it could be aol.does it connect on the host computer?

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    Im using Windows XP home edition, the aol on my sis allows Kazaa Lite 2.0.2 (which we had for time..) the thing Im scared is that if we use a higher version in my sis host PC, aol might not allow it to connect so shes not changing it.

    Last night I've tried two dozen SOCKS5 proxy ip n port and diff incoming port no. and none connects. I've tried 80 and the lower ones plus high ones like 7007 but still no result. The worst thing is that my BitTorrent doesn't connect and tried downloading Limewire and it doesn't connect and don't think WinMX connects as well.. I think theres something in the network which won't allow my laptop to connect p2p programe.


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