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Thread: Spy Hunter V1.1.29

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    It says i have to get the full version is their a crack or something. I tried the links on the pinned topics, but none have it for thsi version. Please help. Thank you so much. or at least recomennet another program that elimates spyware just as good.

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    spyhunter is NOT good!!!

    from what I heard, it just finds some stuff to scare you into buying the "full" product.

    I recommend spybot and adaware (both freeware) and/or spysweeper.

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    I get popups all the time saying, "you are getting this message because you have spyware on your system.". Then I click on it, and it takes me to spyhunter, but my system is clean of spyware.

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    k i just did adaware and it cleared 151 items .

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    Spy Hunter? HA! What a joke. It's more likely to HAVE spyware than get rid of it. The only programs I would trust are Spy Sweeper, Ad-aware, or (MAYBE) Spybot Search and Destroy.

    I'm tired of all these spy ridding programs. I come across people that think they know what they are doing, and when I get on their computer, they have so much spyware, they can't even go online. Most of the new "Spy destroyers" are really all just spyware themselves.
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