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Thread: Need Help On Skin For Ipb Forum...

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    ok,i need help installing a skin to my ipb (1.2) forum...

    the instructions say:

    // Installation //

    1. Upload the "set-DigitalConfusion_Black.tar" file to your "Archive_IN" directory
    2. Go into your admin CP, under Skins and Templates click "Import Skin Files"
    Then click Import on the "DigitalConfusion" skin.
    3. ENJOY!


    but i dont know where to find the "Archive_IN" directory, i understand everything but that part...

    can i pleaz have some :helpsmile:

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    It's in the default forum directory that you uploaded. If it's your own board and you installed it.

    transfer the skinfile to your archive_in folder at the forum root.
    You know where "import skin" is in the ACP? it should be listed there when you open it if you did it right.

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    ok, but i didnt install it, i made it using

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    Originally posted by morpheus 1.0@29 December 2003 - 23:23
    ok, but i didnt install it, i made it using
    You will probably have to contact the mods/hosts of that site and ask if they can install the skin for you


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