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Thread: Clean Kmd 2.6

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    I have Clean KMD 2.4.4, and was wondering what the difference is between it and 2.6. Is it connected w/ the newer Sharman network or whatever? Would I be better off staying with what I have now, or getting 2.6?

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    Just keep what you have its good enough...

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    Download it and see for yourself..
    THEN go back to Clean KMD 2.4.4

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    Originally posted by Spock4@30 December 2003 - 07:49
    Just keep what you have its good enough...
    yeah i would stick with clean KMD 2.4.4. I don't see a need for clean KMD 2.6 until kazaa doesn't support the older versions.

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    Precisely mate,or at least until they or rn produce a single k-lite client.


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