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Thread: Corrupt Avi File.

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    Hey peeps,

    I've got a corrupt 1gb AVI movie, is it possible to repair it or so I have to spend weeks downloading it all over again?

    It seems to play with the AVI preview programe but all the usual (DIVx, ATI file player, Windows Media Player says it cant play it coz of some corruption.

    Please help

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    Hmmm... If you would give more details then I might help. But can the AVI preview play the entire movie? Cause sometimes avi preview will play parts of it and then it will say there is a corupt part. With the other players, they scan it first, then if it finds a corupt area, it wont play the movie at all...

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    Ya.. Divx Fix usully does the fix.. But if that doesn't work. Go over too and search in the the software area for repair tools. They have really good texts on how too fix them with pictures. If Divx Fix doesn't do the job. Try useing the text too repair using virtual dub. can be a very usesful source for movies. From codecs.. too repair software. The people over there can help you with your little problem. Just leave a message to them.

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    Thanks people I finally got around to trying to sort it out and I downloaded the DivFix. The error check in it didn't report any errors, but I did a STRIP INDEX then a REBUILD INDEX and now the 1GB movie (Dances with wolves) works perfectly. Thanks again.

    Ps. Anybody got any ideas how I can get a codec or sort out a movie that plays in a washed green sort of colour? The description of it has the words "XviD-RSP" init, I've got the latest XVID codec but it still wont work. Any ideas please ?


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