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Thread: Converting Avi To Mpeg

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    i wanna know if its possible to convert avi files to vcd fromat with keeping the original file size or close to. coz i used TMPGEnc to convert a 20mg episode of seinfeld and it came out as 200mg, is it possible to make it smaller?

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    you can make it smaller but then quality will be less

    normally a 20MB .avi will become a 50mb .mpg

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    well i can live with that but how come mine increased to 200mg?

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    check out kvcd templets @
    just plug them into tmpgenc

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    i donwloaded them from the link and i tried using the quide on your name the second link but i cant seem to convert my wav file to a mp2. But it doesnt tell u what to put under the Besweet profiles (9) section, and which template to u load in TMPGEnc? I'm trying to do a seinfeld ep its avi and 26.3 mg its 320 x 240 15.000fps if that helps

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    the easiest way is to just load a template
    I like the ublr one, then let tmpgenc convert the audio & video


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