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Thread: Scandisk Keeps Restarting

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    I am running Scan disk on my ME machine.

    When I do a full Scandisk ie media test, it comes up saying there are programs running in the background which make it keep restarting.

    I have disabled all the ones I can see using Ctrl Alt and Del.

    Any clues as to what else could be running or how to find out what is running ? and how to stop it ?

    I do not want to run it in Safe Mode as my next step will be to run Norton Optimiser and that will NOT run in Safe Mode and that keeps restaating also so I have to find the program that is causing the problem.

    Any suggestions


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    check this link for an explanation

    scandisk restarting

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    Originally posted by AndrewBarker@30 December 2003 - 10:52
    check this link for an explanation

    scandisk restarting
    that link has some cool info


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