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Thread: Virus's

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    in the last week i been picking up alot of virus's from software programs etc
    i wish people would delete these files from their computer

    am i the only person thats picks them up, seems so

    1 if the file you download has no fooking icon please delete the fooker straight away dont click on it thinking
    your installing a program beacause your not

    2 the virus is win32/hantaner and win32/parite also their is 1 that is unknown that avg did.nt reconzie
    but new it was a virus

    3 this virus main aim is to destroy all exe files making them useless by attaching itself to the exe file
    and if you download any future exe files or even zip files it attacks these 2 and then you pass it on to other users. also when i removed this virus from my computer the av still said there was a virus in the computer
    so i ran a scan again, and it found nothing.

    4 so if you use win me or xp you have to turn of system restore function because this is where the virus
    hides and run a scan again to remove it.

    5 this virus is the work of certain companys its rife on this network. people with no virus checkers
    download a free 1, and start deleting the files that are infected. or the whole of kazaa is going to suffer.

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    Good points, but remember not everyone will have the forsight to use a good virus scanner....I only started once i got ADSL, never bothered when I was on dial up!
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    Not every one will know that they are viruses because they might not have a virus scanner or it isnt a godd one or they dont update them.
    But when everytime i get a virus i delete it.
    And thats why i turn off system_restore for good.
    but i shouldnt because i wont beable to restore my computer.
    So i hope u everyone has a good virus scan so they can delete the files form kazaa or clean them.

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    I always get that FOOKING ( ) virus, the win32/hantaner.

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    I think this goes without saying but sadly it has to be said cause there are way too many idiots out there that have access to computers but are just absolutely ignorant about them

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    I guess that so far I&#39;ve been lucky, but then again, I don&#39;t really go for a lot of sw, I think of all that I share, only 2 were d/l&#39;d from someone else, but good luck finding mine, better know what you&#39;re looking for everything I do is zipped, small hd here.

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    most people that share viruses are just ingorant. they don&#39;t know they have been infected. and then we also have those that actually COLLECT viruses... yep thats right. some people enjoys bragging about how many they have... (not running of course, just idle) just like some finds it amusing to collect OS:es, having DOS, OS2, win 3.1 or whatever&#33;

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    if ever body would run a good virus scanner it wouldnt take long to
    slow down the spread of virus besides it not like they have to pay for one there all using kazaa. all well I use a good scaner so I not really woried about it.

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    Just ran an update and had 26 viruses that went undected before. 2 files would not let Norton access them and when i tried to delete them they&#39;d lock my system up big as shit. Took forever to get them bastids off my computer. I update virus scanner once a week too. Guess i&#39;ll be updating before i d/l anything ever agin.

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    norton antivirus has picked up quite a few of these the last week or so. the funny thing is that the programs that had the viruses work perfectly after the viruses were removed.

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