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Thread: Share Rateing?

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    I use the shadow BT client but what exactly does the share rateing do? The reason I ask is i found a flaw that if you do a certian thing right when you start the client I can get my share rateing to jump. so if i had 0.000 i could make it jump to 5.000

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    I think the it just shows you the ratio of your uploads to your downloads i dont know if it actually affects something

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    share rating is useless

    that said it is also used for how fast you can dlwnload

    if there are no seeds you dl only from other based on share rating

    it there are seeds its useless


    set participation level to dialup isdn

    set everyting to as low as it will go

    watch as you dl gose super fast when there tones of peeps and super slow when there isnt
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    I can't get that dialup isdn trick to work... I've tried it lots of times with no luck??? it always makes my downloads slower

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    if your doing it with popular torrents it should always work, remember to seed afterwords (don't hit cancel )
    only seems to work if you have a green light, as I tried it over @ my friends last night and he doesn't have a green light and it slowed down when I tried it

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    ohh green light gotcha i have yellow of to make a post about it now


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