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Thread: Animated Smiley

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    I really think we need a new fixed smiley to represent the "Cymbal Crash", used at the punchline of a joke etc. You know the one




    Have both produced one.

    Can I suggest that we really need to have one of these as a standard smiley for the forum.

    If anyone agrees, what is the chances of us voting on which one, or any other candidates which people may wish to suggest.

    With the permission of the creators of course.

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    Couldn't we operate using dual smilie representation by appending a 1 or 2 to the end of the smilie code. This would enable the Board Membership to decide upon their preferred smilie without removing one of them.


    We could only have one smilie. In that case, I would vote for the smilie created by titey (my apologies to Lamsey).

    At this point in time, I have no other candidates to recomend.

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    i like that smiley

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    I agree we only need one and titey's smiley is looking good.
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    << If we have that then I think a drumming smiley should be added.

    Titeys one is better in my opinion.


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