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Thread: K++ 2.4.3 Never Downloads From Multiple Users

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    Well I've read through all the "how to download faster" posts and have been playing with Options for a couple hours, but no matter what I do I cannot get a file to download from multiple users at once. I can get a dozen different files to download at once, but each of them will download from only one user at a time.

    Example: cancel all downloads, search on Simpsons avi that finds 30 users, right click>download, go to traffic, it will show 2 or 3 or 4 users but will never download from more than one at a time. It will cycle from one user to the next user, but never download from 2 or more at once.

    Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

    (edit: I should have said "Klite 2.4.3" in the title)

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    Hmm I dont know.. my clean kmd downloads from many users at once

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    this never happened to me. Usually when you have many sources for the file it would split the file size from the users when you d/l. If this is not working for you i would do 1 of 2 things.

    1. Uninstall k-lite 2.4.3 and restart your comp and reinstall.
    2. Download a newer k-lite version. Kazaa lite resurrection 2.4.5 is good!!.. or you could go with Clean KDM 2.4.4.

    Hope this helps

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    thanks nwas reinstalling helped. Now when I search on one or two files they will download from multiple sources. But when I copy over my old dat files into the new MySharedFolder, they all are stuck on one source. They will repeatedly attempt to start from a second source, but the second source does not kick in alongside the first. No idea why.

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    Try deleting the no IP sources - see HERE on how to

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    okay I followed the instructions to delete sources that had no source ip or supernode ip, but did not find any sources without a source or supernode ip to delete. Interestingly, many of the dat files had 20-40 sources, but they continue to download using only one source at a time when I re-opened klite.


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