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Thread: Whats A Good Web Host?

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    Anyone know a good one, that gives over 5MB and has no banners? It can't be web1000 cus they don't support the type of file i'm uploading

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    Host Ultra has unlimted stuff which is good except it limits stuff you can upload, so that might not be what you want. What type of file is it?

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    Just sign up for any free web thingy and ill tell you a way to get rid of the ads... (such as geocity or tripod)

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    If you want to remove the ad with web1000, try to add this code in it...

    &#60;script language="JavaScript">
    if (parent.frames.length)
    top.location.href= document.location;
    var timing=0;
    var newpage="protest.htm";
    var wndname="po"+"pWind"+"ow";

    function andStayOut(){
    if (tasteful&#33;=null){
    // tasteful.close();
    if (tasteful.location.href&#33;=newpage){
    } else {
    if(timing<120) setTimeout("andStayOut()",1000);
    // --&#62;

    &#60;&#33;-- The rest of your homepage goes here --&#62;

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    the file is a .imp file from a very particular software...I dont want too much of a hassle though to remove the banners...if it was simple then i&#39;ll see


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