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Thread: Please Help Our Cause

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    Hey guys whats up. Im usually in the hardware forum so you probably dont know who I am. Im 15, live in Texas, just finished building my new computer (in sig ). Thats all there is to know really lol

    Now for the point of this topic. Me and some of the guys from the hardware section of the forum have joined up with a Protein folding website and help them fold proteins! This helps them to research how proteins fold. This may help find cures for desieses. Protein Folding. That is there website. Please check it out and read up. It doesnt slow your computer down at ALL. It just uses spare cycles and you will notice no difference in performance.

    To download please go Download Page It is very small

    Kazaa Lite has a team called KLF (Kazaa Lite Forum) The team number is 34905.

    Once you install the program you will see a place to enter this number and please do. Thanks for your time.

    P.S. This is NOT spam. This is simply for a good cause and I wanted to let yall know about it. Thanks for any help.
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    but what it got to do with music?

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    Now this IS spam, You already have one thread in the lounge!



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