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Thread: Horror Movies

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    ~Horror Fans~

    Good horror hubs: 5GB share min ~ Belial's Basket 8GB share min ~ [swe(Horror)(Sci-Fi)] 30GB share min ~ Stench of Death ( down atm )
    __________________________________________________________________ 10GB share min ~ (((House of Evil)))

    : :
    That one's Golden. 10GB atm. ~ (20GB share min Jan01/04)

    If your looking for movies/software, not exactly mainstream, or if that IS what ya want, no fakes, rare/hard to find films, then Kazaa is not for you. Most of these
    files, well the real ones all stem from these p2p programs, and eventually make
    their way to the ATM Universal p2p program. You'd think they would end up here first, but no. I believe it is because all New users (nOObs) first p2p client is Kazaa, (mine was). New users to p2p dont know much about it, and dont have much to share, most as well, do not help spread the files via Kazaa after they download them. So once they reach Kazaa, they go no further basically, lol. Kazaa is a files final resting place. Im not trying to *shit on* kazaa, its great for mp3's, and if you have a fast connection, it can be fast. But the selection of movies is too narrow, when it come to anything not made in the past decade or so, and when you look for a file that is even somewhat "rare" it into 1 guys queue, behind problably 1000's of other users. So ya wont be getting it anytime soon. The Reason the share limits, as i read ppl complain , is to make sure the files get shared, and stay alive. You cant enforce that on KaZaA, so once again KaZaA isint a serious p2p'er, more of a leecher client, that how I see it myself. Not everyone can share 300GB, as some hubs are, but there are hubs with no limits as well.. tho those tend to really suck . Most are round 3 - 5 GB share, and they are great.I geuss it comes down to how much ya want the files, and how much you really wanna give back. Their are great users on kazaa, but the 100,000 or so of us are all getting leeched off by the other 4,000,000.
    I've read in here , that y worry if some is leeching, cant do anything bout it anyway...
    well that SuX, and what kind of response is "who cares". Well You can do something about it using DC. And since 99% of users are cable and up, transfers
    are fast, and and support/questions needed for a file, can be simply asked through hub chat.
    trick is , to find a hub, that is geared to your interests... Xbox hub, Ps2 hub, Horror Hub, Whatever your interst, then you have 100 - 1000's users all with files in your interest, all fast transfers, and no fakes. Sound Good ???

    I geuss I turned this post into a DC vs. Kazaa post

    I geuss Kazaa is a training p2p program, but eventually all must graduate to
    something a lil more serious

    Well im a Horror Fan So... at the Top are a few horror hubs i have checked out, and like. There are 10 more great ones for each one I Listed.

    : : : : : :


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    arent you forgeting about [Asgard] Heaven & Hell @ which has 5gb and 3 slots min

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    Nice rant, I agree with it.

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    asgard(heaven and hell) is by far the best one on there. at least you can download on it. But you will fill find a lot in the horror maniacs one as well, but only few users for the harder to get horror movies but 1 or 2 slotsm or 6 to 10 slots because they are in 4 hubs upwards and the speed is woeful 1 to 4kb.. chances are better with asgard one. i rarely get below 6kb a download, and i can only get 56kb max

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    Old Topic...
    and in regard to the speeds.. ive found users that have givin me files
    @ 1MB per second so...

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    I agree...


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