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Thread: Swap Magic

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    I've just downloaded swap magic cd version off kazza but am asuming that I can only use this with cdr copied games not dvdr.

    If I burn the bin and cue of this swap magic to a dvdr instead of a cdr will it work for playing dvdr copied games??

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    I don't see how burning it on different media is going to change how the program is written, so no.

    Is this one of those boot discs for consoles?

    Give us more information.

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    Yes it is a boot disc software that allows you to change the disc without resetting, therefore allowing you to put in a copy disc.

    Most games seem to be dvd rom so I assume they will only copy to dvdr

    This version of swap magic is for cdr copies but there is a dvd version but I can't find it to download.

    I have downloaded other supposed boot discs off Kazaa but am unsure as to weather they are to be written to dvdr or cd as they don't say?! (one of them is the sony boot disc?)

    I think that the idea is that the ps2 will only play copies in the same format as the boot disc being used, cdr or dvdr

    I just want to see if anyone knows much about this as I don't want to waste time copying dvd ps2 games if it won't work??

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    I don't know much at all. Google may be of more help.

    If I were you I wouldn't trust anything you search for on Kazaa.

    It might play CDr "rips," which you have to download expecially and put on CDrs then you can play them.

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    Cheers mate

    Anyone know anything about the action replay or gameshark boot discs for ps2. I've found copies of these but don't know if they should be burnt to dvdr or cdr.

    I tried the sony boot and another boot disc on cdr but both just came up with the screen

    "please insert a playstation or playstation 2 format disc"

    and when I do a swap by turning the white cog and put the copy disc it it does nothing, not even after pressing x or any other button, just stays on this sceen.

    Can anyone help?!? Plz

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    i dont know what gameshark version do you have but i have the 1.8 version and if you want to run the games you must press R1+O at the same time on the insert insert game screen this will make the gameshark try to read the disk so then you only have to insert your backup


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