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    Over the past two weeks I have had a number if viruses picked up from my downloads. How can we avoid this being transmitted to others. :helpsmile:

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    Rong section.

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    Originally posted by Welbeck@30 December 2003 - 16:07
    How can we avoid this being transmitted to others. :helpsmile:
    Don't share it, delete it.

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    Well in the unlikely event of viral infection or trojan-horse planting, McAfee VirusScan online always does the trick for me. As soon as I get a virus/trojan, it auto-deletes it. Once, I wanted to get this trojan control panel because this guy in school was really really annoying me constantly, and my friend had tested it on his friends pc and he said it was really funny because the next day his mate said to us "It was well weird! My PC monitor kept switching on and off, and the mouse cursor on screen was going all over the place, it was opening the CD drive and closing it, and it restarted my PC, and it played the Entertainer tune in bleeps!". My friend sent me the panel, but McAfee kept deleting it. I disabled it and tried again but it deleted it. I switched the entire program off, it was not on the Running Processes list, and tried again, and still, it deleted it! By now I gave up since my PC is too safe against trojans.


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