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Thread: Zone Alarm Pro Eating Up Cpu

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    Just a question about Zone Alarm Pro. I have read other posts on other forums but just wanted to see if anyone on here had any ideas/solutions. This seems to affect all versions of ZA too. There are times when ZA begins to use more and more CPU, I usually get to the point where it uses about 30-40% of mine and gets up to around 8mb of RAM usage. I have seen others on the internet post that it uses well over 80% of their CPUs and they have 3.0GHz processors. Many seem to think that it is a program that is opening a lot of ports and not closing them which makes ZA go nuts. For me at least it seems to be Shareaza. I have already checked extensively for viruses and ran spyware programs so that is not the problem. This is not a problem when I use Norton Internet Security 2003 however I know that ZA Pro is superior and would like to continue to use it but oddly enough Norton seems to do the job better though it is supposed to use more resources. I have an Intel Pentium III 800MHz, 512MB of RAM and am behind a router connected to our cable modem with 3 computers connected to the router. Any ideas or comments are welcome. Thanks!

    Edit: I have ZoneAlarm Pro 4.5.538.000 and the exact program that is causing the problem is the vsmon.exe file which is the actual firewall.

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    Simple, get Sygate Personal Firewall Pro 5.5 and download a crack/keygen and your set. It's alot easier on system resources and in my opinion, it's just all around better that ZAP.

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    Try uninstalling Shareaza. It may actually be the problem. My gateway (not the brand-where my firewall is) uses a P2-300 (Yes, really) with 256Mbs of ram through an ADSL line with no problems. I use Kazaa Lite K++ and emule and notice no slowdown unless you count K++'s god awful resource hogging .

    I've never used Shareaza, though. I'd just unistall it and use K++, emule or bittorrent. Give it a shot. Hope it works.

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