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Thread: Kazaa Lite And F-secure

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    Hey guys those of u who run f-secure av might have had experienced difficulties running the latest Kazaa Lite as it identifies it as a possible virus,
    i emailed f-secure with a sample of the kpp.exe file and this is wot they said


    It is a false alarm, we will fix it in one of the next updates.
    If you need to use the file meanwhile, you can exclude it from scanning
    following this steps:

    -Right-click on the F-Secure logo on the system tray.
    -Select Options.
    -Then Properties for F-Secure Anti-Virus.
    -And then, in Real-Time Protection, check the 'Exclude objects' checkbox
    and select the program/s or file/s to exclude from scanning.

    Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


    On Mon, Feb 17, 2003 at 10:23:52PM -0000, Razz wrote:
    > When I installed the latest version of Kazaa Lite, F-secure identified
    > it as a possible virus. It did this the last new version of kazaa lite
    > came out but the virus definitions were updated and it worked fine,
    > now the new version of kazaa is out, the virus definitions need
    > updating. Thank you very much for your time i have included the
    > particular file in .zip format as you specified on your website.

    Ero Carrera F-Secure Corporation
    Junior Virus Researcher Anti-Virus Research Team
    Tel. +358 9 2520 5365

    Securing the Mobile Enterprise

    They actually replied on the same day and last time this happened the virus definitions were updated the same day - very nice of the considering i got a cracked version of their product

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    I got the exact same reply from this guy Ero Carrera, when I sent a sample of Kpp.exe.


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