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Thread: Mp3 Downloads "failed"?

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    I just started using Klite and now everytime I download an MP3 the files complete but are saying "FAILED"? ANybody who can help me out I would appreciate it, as I said I have just started using KLite, and didn't have this problem before, BUT I LOVE THE ADLESS AND SPYWARELESS KLITE..This is awesome software..I haven't updated to the recent version with the Privacy option, so I am guessing I am using Klite 2.0.1 or something?

    Thanks for any info...

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    r u sure they are complete???

    i think failed means that the files are behind firewalls, so u cant get them, but they usually occur before being completed.

    look in the options to hid files behind a firewall, and it should only display downloadable users.

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    well it has happened with EVERY single mp3 i've tried to download now, and it just started doing this for some reason..maybe i should just uninstall klite and reinstall it... i dunno..

    and yes they complete and then say failed..


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