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Thread: Racing Car Games For Pc

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    (I hope i am posting this in the right place)

    I love racing car games. Especially ones with online play.

    Please post all good car racing games here. Thank you very much.

    List of Good Car Racing Game Thus Far:
    • Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2
    • Need For Speed Underground
    • Midnight Club 2
    • Colin McRae 3
    • Grand Prix 4


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    NASCAR series?
    TOCA Race Driver?

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    The best and the most challenging is still Grand Prix Legends.Its based on the 1967 grand prix season the last year before sponsorship and aero changed the racing world forever.It features the Lotus 49 of Jimmy Clark and Graham Hill the AAR Eagle of Mr. Dan Gurney as well as the Ferrari, Brabham,Cooper,BRM and Honda teams racing on such circuits as Kyalami,Zandvort, the always frightening Spa and the almighty Nurburgring,thats the original Nurburgring all 14.7 miles of it.
    And as a result of the ongoing efforts of one of the best online communities there is you can download an absolutely mind boggling number of addons, utilities,movies,carsets,sounds,wheels,paint schemes as well as nearly 300 additional tracks from every corner of the globe.Its online gaming is second to none with pickup races to be found on Vroc as well as a large number of leagues and special events such as the lord of the rings cup or the upcoming World Cup.
    There is also a soon to be released mod based on the 1965 Grand Prix season which is the first of 3 that are planned,the other 2 being the 1955 season and a 1937 season with those monster 650 horsepower Auto Unions and Mercedes running on 1930's tires and suspensions.
    I cant recomend this sim highly enough, it is about as real as it gets(at least for now) which also means its about as challenging as it gets and as rewarding.

    If you would like to find out more everthing you need to know can be found at

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    Gran Turismo or indeed colin macrae rally
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    Originally posted by Azzz@1 January 2004 - 18:46
    Gran Turismo
    if you can find that on the pc...tell me.

    to the posted, other than the nascar series, i dont know any other racing games that you might like....but if you played at those games, and have not come across the nascar series, im thinking you dont like nascar.

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    I just figured ouy how to add screenshots on this forum so i thought i would add another

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    nsfu is 1 of the best. the professional racing games are good too, but u don't get a lot of extra stuff other than racing


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