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Thread: Invisible File

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    :helpsmile: Hey Im a KL virgin here and just learning my way but a real convert. Thanks to all those with the vision, the knack and the balls.
    anyway I downloaded a file until I had appromately 50,000 smegs (or what ever the units are) and on the final run,
    Anyway my computer crashed and when it rebooted, it wasnt there in the download list. explorer can see it, search can find it, propertiers can define ands measure itit but no way can Kazza see it. Tried moving it around the directories and changing the dowload dir3ectories but nothing can make kl recgnise it or finish th job

    any suggestions



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    if your computer crashed and restarted and the file was being downloaded, the file got corrupt and is no longer good. There are ways to fix it but it usually does not work. Dat Repair comes to mind look for it in Google. But if I were you I would just delete the corrupt file and start it over.

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    Trust me don't base you ideas on Microbloat(I heard this from somewhere) b/c it's just like a kick in the ass.

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    Thanks for the answewr, I guess dat repair is a program.

    The only trouble with deleting is that using a 56 k modem, top get so far takes a while to reach this point. still s**t happens.

    I thought from the information in the trouble shootingsecion that if a file gets corrupted, kl deltes it. Anyway thanks for thge response


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    I dont get it Nwas

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    The file's pieces were 'lost' probably -- you'll probably need to run Scandisk or CheckDisk (if on Win XP) and convert lost allocation units to files.

    One or more of them may be pieces of your 'lost' files.

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    Originally posted by firefox@31 December 2003 - 17:53
    I dont get it Nwas
    Its a geek saying...In other words everything Microsoft does just screws the users...


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