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Thread: Annoying Sticky Keys In W2k

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    As if to punctuate my point, as I was writing the title, all of "Annoying" came out in capitals!!!

    Basically, this is a feature that is native to 2000/XP and is for impared users. The idea being that if you hold a key down for a certain amount of time, it will do something - in this case, if you hold the SHIFT key down for x seconds then the input from the keyboard acts as if you are constantly holding the SHIFT key down. When you want to release it, you hold it down again, or something similar.

    Firstly, I don't get it - what is wrong with CAPS LOCK?! When do you need to write a lot of text with SHIFT held down instead of CAPS LOCK? Anyway... when I had XP I managed to stop it (I think I never installed Accessibilty or something) but with Windows 2000 I can't!!

    It is so annoying! My girlfriend's email address has an underscore in it, and after I've pressed 'SHIFT-hyphen' to do it all the text is in capitals from then on! Even though I have unchecked all "Sticky Keys" options in Control Panel!! Also, holding the SHIFT key down or pressing it twice, etc. hardly ever works quickly to turn it off - I end up nearly smashing my KB into bits! As I said, it happened when I wrote the title - but then it hasn't happened once during the writing of this post... I just don't get it.

    Does anyone know how to wipe this stupid, crappy feature off the face of the earth? I would be most most grateful to anyone that does!

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    It's in the accessibility options(in the control panel) in Win2k too...
    Goto the accessibility options, than where it says about sticky keys, click settings and uncheck the 'use shortcut' checkbox and that should stop it


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