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Thread: Nero

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    Can anyone help please. I have mislaid my version of nero I cannot remember what particular version this is but it is used with a dvd burner. anyone know what version it may be for the above cd number ???

    Ta Postie

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    why don't you go and download the latest version.

    then you just find a keygen.

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    I down loaded the serial for the latest Nero demo from kazaa in a few minutes .
    The only thing is that the demo comes without help files but there are plenty of user guides on the site to download.

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    nero dot com kneegrow
    get the latest

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    Under CRACK'S...

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    Originally posted by wenze1@31 December 2003 - 23:44

    Under CRACK'S...
    you not meeant to give links to crack/crack sites tut tut


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