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Thread: Is It Down?

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    Is Shareaza down or something? Right when i start it up it says disconected for both gnutella1 and 2.

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    Nope, I just connected to G2... it's fine.

    Perhaps the problem is at your end?

    You might want to check this out.

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    The networks aren't down, it's just that you haven't connected to them.

    Just go to Network -> Choose Networks -> Gnutella2/Gnutella1

    Alternatively, if you want Shareaza to connect to these networks upon start-up then:

    Tools -> Shareaza Settings -> Networks -> Gnutella

    Check "Connect to Gnutella2 today" and "Connect to Gnutella1 today" and "Always Connect to Gnutella1".

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    Thanks guys, fixed it, just reinstalled.

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    another way to fix it, if it does not connect is to hit f9 on the keyboard and right click on all the servers and query them.

    *EDIT* its either f8 or f9 im not infront of the workstation which has shareaza installed at the moment


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