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Thread: Nba Live 2004

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    i downloaded NBA LIVE 2004 from bit-torrentt, and when I was done installing it with 2 cds, and i try to play it, it asks for the right cd in order to play. does anybody know the solution to this?

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    damn it! i answered this like a million times before!! but since it's new years..and i can get my post count up...

    here's what you do

    put in cd2 and go into it from my computer, then check for a folder called crack. in that folder you'll find an exe (executable file) with a picture of the game on it or a pic of it resembling it. just copy it (ctrl+c) and paste it (ctrl+v) into the directory where you installed the game. if the crack folder isn't in cd2, check cd1. if there is no crack folder period, then go to or and look for a crack there, both sites are surfer friendly so don't worry about pop ups and the like. now please, to all the n00bs out there, look for this info next time before asking, infact, search for any info before asking. but i guess asking is learning, whatever, happy new years everyone!

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    actually for me. I put the crack in but it still needed the cd so i had to use the cd as well as the crack. Meaning that this game requires both. Meaning u didnt completely answer his question. So dont call other people n00bs.

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    You can probably get a real NOCD crack from or


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