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Thread: Edonkey2000 Lite

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    Feb 2003
    As I mentioned in my post of Overnet Lite, I too had another job going on.
    Now you too have a 100% Adware/Spyware of eDonkey2000 (Hybrid). It doesn't have nearly as many features as eMule, but the Horde partnership downloading is pretty sweet, at least to my knowledge! B)

    Let it be said again, there are no differences in eDonkey2000 itself. But you'll have eDonkey2000 Pro the minut the installation is complete. B)

    Go get it here:
    I could imagine that Lycos will disable my account pretty soon, so I decided to share the file on eDonkey & Overnet. If you can make HTTP/FTP mirrors or help sharing the file it will be greatly apreciated.

    If you find any errors in the installer, or have a suggestion, reply to this thread or PM me.

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    Thanks, again a great release!!! I will test it, and post comments...

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    Many thanks.

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    Just a question, wich method are you using to get the PRO version... Do you use a valid key, or BetaMasters plug-in????

    Thanks for the program m8,


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    Jul 2003
    i think it uses the betamasters plugin

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    the beta plug-in??
    As remenber, there are about three different package.
    one is trojan
    aonthe is Zero-part sender [Very bad file]


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