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Thread: Kazaa_lite_resurrected

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    Kazaa_Lite_Resurrection (2.4.5)?

    Just downloaded this from
    Clicking on web, then forum, brings me here.
    Is this still the same as the 2.4.3 with some upgrades?
    Only obvious changes is the addition in the tools (Mp3 checker and KaNaT and Kazaa GUI Hacker)
    Just looking for tips on how to use this version to its fullest capability.
    Thanks all and keep sharing.
    Long live KaZaALite.

    Couldn't find the links for the 2.4.3 version and after going to suprnova found this 2.4.5 VERSION. Havent seen any mention of this version so i'm just wondering what this is.

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    i would be very cautious about installing that if i were you.

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    Took your hint and got rid of it .
    Thx for the warning .

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    If you want to download the old k-lite 2.4.3, cLick darksonic image below...
    If you want to download the new klchat, cLick (it's a cleaned version of kaZaA)
    If you want to download the clean kmd built 2.4.4, cLick Here
    If you want to download the clean kmd built 2.6.0, cLick
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