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Thread: Hello Im A Newbie To Kazaa Lite

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    Hey I've seen my friends use this and im impressed. I wish to use this but i must make sure this is legal and i wont get sued for this. Thanks if anyone replies

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    What yo mean exactly? the P2P (peer 2 peer) downloading stuff from other ppl? In Canada downloading whatever you want is legal, but if ppl download from you serials, cracks, pirated illegal. Downloading+uploading illegal stuff off anyhwere is illegal in the U.S...Kazaalite is no longer available, so ppl are making a cleaned version of the real KaZaA (clean it from advertisements and spyware), which is totally legal.
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    Originally posted by technocrazed@1 January 2004 - 10:02
    Hey I&#39;ve seen my friends use this and im impressed.&nbsp; I wish to use this but i must make sure this is legal and i wont get sued for this. Thanks if anyone replies
    No-one in their right mind is going to tell you your not going to get sued for kicking your on dog (joke). K-lite does have a security patch that can disable other users from getting a list of all shared files (RIAA). I don&#39;t know all the legalities but I would think it unlikely to get sued for using k-lite. Is it illegal from what I understand yes. Is it illegal to download copyright protected material? Yes. Is it likely you&#39;ll get sued? The possibillity may be there in the future, if you share a large amount of copyright protected files (over say 1000) the odds go up. But you have to be realistic look at how many people are sharring files and how maney are being sued. If you are one that does&#39;nt feel say taking any chances period I would stay away from it completely.


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