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Thread: All Suggestions For Kazaa Lite Update

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    Please post all suggestions for improving Kazaa Lite here at this post.

    Suggestions List:

    1. Downloading and Uploading Speedmeter, in numbers, analog columns, and graphs that can be docked or floated, even when KazaaLite is minimized.

    2. Priority of downloading, i.e., dedicating all bandwidths to a particular file download as it becomes available, and limiting other downloads and uploads as needed.

    3. Option of setting a specific max uploading speed.

    4. Checking for the max bandwidth available intermittently, and displaying it.

    5. Enable sharing of partially downloaded files, i.e., buddying like in overnet.

    6. Integrated fixing of bad sections in a downloaded file.

    7. Enable integrated request list in KL, that is shared or accessible by everyone. List data in table format so files can be quickly searched.

    Please keep adding suggestions.

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    5. Enable sharing of partially downloaded files, i.e., buddying like in overnet.
    I don't think the FastTrack network supports that.

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    They could mak eit do so, that's Y most of the times the upload goes "FAILED" and that's how you download PORTIONS of the FILE from each user on the network. If I'm wrong, correct me.
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    I am using 2.43e, and i can&#39;t download partial files because i can&#39;t share partial files at all even when they are really big and it takes forever to complete it.


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