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Thread: Verified Downloads

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    Hi there ive seen from k-lite to k-lite that there are coming less sites for it can anyone post all Verified Download sites so i can use that as startpage?

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    You can start here:
    Or just go to Google and type "verified sig2dat links".

    (Or visit me, if you like those kind of movies)
    the ftracker

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    Use MY SITE as a start page .

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    How can you change your start page in clean KMD

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    Originally posted by Spock4@2 January 2004 - 04:38
    How can you change your start page in clean KMD
    I don't use it , ask the developers or try to look if is not the same thing like on K-Lite.

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    try using diet kazaa for that

    and sharedholder:maybe you can start putting bittorent links in is an example


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