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    I have one file in Shareaza and its status is "pending" (with 10 sources). Will this eventually change to downloading or is there a problem that I need to sort. It's a BT torrent file and there should be some sources /nodes. I have a connection to all the 2 networks availalbe on Shareaza. Is this normal for a Bt link (in BT clients there isn't usually too much queuing)? Is there anyway to speed up the connect to download time and how long should I wait before checking to see if its something else thats stopping the download?


    SeK 612

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    right click and pause the file then resume it see if that helps...i sometimes do that and i get a trasnfer of my file.
    the bt tracker may be down aswell

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    Pending just means its waiting on clients to connect to, could be you dont have any interesting parts for those other 10 clients and your just waiting to receive some new parts from a seed.

    Or like chinook said pause -resume if the tracker was down it will try to reconnect to it.

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