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Thread: Norton Internet Security 2004

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    hiya, downloaded norton internet security pro 2004 and found the keygen and crack. In the keygen appart from the installation serial number and the activation code it asks me to enter my phone registration the hell do i get this???

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    read the NFO file.....

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    I tried it. It doesn't work??? It says: system information cannot open this file. It might be corrupted or an unrecognized version.

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    make sure to open the nfo in notepad.

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    in the nfo it tells me to run navsetup.exe then use keygen to generate u're cd installation key. I've done this but it can't find and i can't find this .exe??? It doesn't seem to go through the process that the nfo explains??? Well on the one that i've got u don't seem to need the cd installation key. Instead it installs norton without asking for a cd key and then if u want to set it up u got to press the norton internet icon then it goes into this screen where u chose whether u want to go on a 15 day trial, whether i want to purchase the product and then there's another option where u can type in the product key if u've already purchased the pruduct, i've generated using the keygen but these don't seem to work, looks like there's one letter missing or something??? product key and the installation key are these the same thing??? navsetup.exe sounds more like its for norton anti virus and not norton internet security...

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    You have the trial ver.I think you need the other one.It may be retail ver.Also from what I know.I think you have to get the Pro ver.The keygen you have will not work with the trial ver.Try to get the other ver. off K-Lite ,shareaza,or someother P2P app.I think Norton's site only give you the trial.

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    I don't see why they would place the keygen with a trial version of the software. The version that i've got was about 32mb it also contains antivirus. does this sound about right size??? i've seen some around which were around 500 - 600mb but believed that couldn't be it as the last version was only around 30mb. is this true???

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    if u've got one from e-mule or kazaa which version did u get and what size was it? so i can download the same one incase the one i've got ain't the correct one

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    does it have antivirus as well??

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