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Thread: I Want Everything A Pc Needs

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    what's up, this is extremely general - what outstanding programs are necessary for a pc? i'm trying to get all kinds of good stuff. i've got 20GB, 128 RAM over 1Ghz processor, etc...

    i've got so far: AdsGone 4.1, Norton AV 2003 Pro, SpyBot, Cablenut, Nero 5.10 and stuff.

    what else do i need? i don't do a whole lot except for filesharing and surfing.


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    u didnt went 4 a firewall ..hope u r livin behind iron doors wat connection u have ...have some diagonstic tools like ontrack system suite ( d/l over KL) has lotsa utilities includin a firewall a AV ,speedin up the HDD and whole PC can even uninstall the progs ..(btw ur HDD is empty i suppose) its a real good one ...get lower RAM eatin programs ...and higher permofance OS's ..go 4 least 2000...

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    Heres some that Ive got:

    Norton internet security: total reliable firewall/anti-virus/ad-stopper
    Divx: Im sure your've got itallready, if not use it to watch the popular avi films
    Office XP: total office-suite, word,excel,powerpoint,frontpage and database
    Lavasoft ad-aware 6: Remove all spyware and adware from your pc.
    Norton systemworks 2003: Fixes pc problems and deletes un-needed files
    Win-rar: Un-zip files, I find it works faster then win-zip.
    Partition magic 8: allows easy partitioning + use it to install multipul os's.
    Nimo codec pack: every one your'll ever need.

    Thats just some I use, sorry if there obvious.

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    i've got cable, running WinXp Home.

    Nimo didn't work well for me, i got Kazaa Codec pac which works great!

    I don't know much or anything about firewalls, enlighten please? i've heard of ZoneAlarm.

    i really want to get XP Pro off Kazaa but am very scared, i've never done anything like that.

    i'm interested in the Norton System Works, too. what's it all about, and worth getting off Kazaa?

    is Ad Aware better than SpyBot?

    what's up with the "on track system suite"?

    i supposedly have like 11GB or something left.

    thx for replies! keep 'em coming.


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    !Is this the Fishing Post?


    You would do better by looking on to peak at nice apps for free..

    Give it a shot.

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    LOL!!! i go there all the time! i don't trust a lot of the reviews there, tho. i just want some basic, but best, necessities for my pc. what's up with firewalls and stuff? i'm clueless!

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    Games, Games and more Games. get yourself a nice photo editor.. paint shop pro 7 isnt too bad, neither is photoshop 6, or 7 from Adobe. Style XP is a nice addon for Windows Themes. R-Studio is the best undelete tool i ahve ever seen, (FAT32 and NTFS versions) Microsoft Office XP ? , A nice FTP, ftp client software is a plus also. Hare(is a nice utility to free RAM, also RamFree. these are jsut a few decent things to find out here

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    I would also like to know how much success people have had with Windows XP, I have three versions,but im scared to death to upgrade! (aint broke dont fix) rings in ears. Norton systemworks is another I would love to get some feedback on if possible.

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    That has a list of software that some ppl recommended.

    My list:

    WinRAR - works with all common formats, compresses about 1% better than the rest of the apps and it's just that much more convenient.
    WinZIP - much faster than any other archiver, but not that great at compressing.

    CD Burning:
    Primo CD Plus - simple, easy to use, many options, good speed, no errors - this program's got it all.
    CloneCD 3 - better than CloneCD 4 and easily the best CD-copying utility out there (although it can get slow).
    Nero - utterly pathetic speed, but more options than on any program and it also supports all the most common image formats.

    Graphical Editing - Pixel:
    Photoshop 7.0 - no need to comment.
    Corel PhotoPaint 11 - awesome product, it rivals Photoshop in every way, and even better in many ways.
    Microangelo - excellent tool for editing and creating icons, cursors and other small images - it combines ease of use and a multitude of options, but doesn't work well on certain systems (not on mine).

    Graphical Editing - 2D Vector: Corel Draw 11 - this is the best one out there. Period. Adobe illustrator isn't bad either, but this is much better.

    Graphical Editing - 3D:
    3D Studio Max - no need to explain, but make sure you get the right version for your video card.
    AutoCad - the pro's choice. It doesn't exactly have the same functions/purposes as 3Dsm, but it's a must for hardcore 3D modellers.

    Graphical Editing - Animation:
    Macromedia Flash - 'nuff said.
    Corel R.A.V.E 11 - I'm very fond of this just like of other Corel products, but Flash is probably still better overall.

    Graphical Viewing: ACDSee 3.2 - one of the best available. Don't get ACDSee 4 though, it has all sorts of useless options and it clusters your system too much.

    Internet - IM/Chat:
    MSN Messenger - excellent program, but really easy to hack and has many other bugs.
    AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) - fairly good progam, but tons of bugs - looks more like a Beta version. It also doesn't work well when listening to music on certain systems.
    ICQ Lite - also fairly good program, better stability than the normal ICQ and less options. If you liked ICQ then this will be a great choice for you.
    Trillian Pro - very good if you use many Instant Messengers as well as IRC. It combines everything. It costs money though, and has it's fair share of disadvantages.
    MIRC - most likely the best IRC client out there, 'nuff said.

    Internet - Downloading:
    FlashGet 1 - this is the last free version of a great download manager - many options, good speed and stability.
    Download Acellerator Plus - good program, but ad-infested.

    Internet - Browsing:
    Opera 7.01 - if you're fed up with IE...
    Mozilla - not bad, but since it's not a complete program, it looks kind of ugly.
    NetCaptor 6.5 - Just like IE but more options and less bugs. If you don't like Opera because of the lack of support for many formats, get NetCaptor.

    Internet - Peer-to-peer:
    KaZaA Lite K++ 2.0.2 - great P2P application, the best in the FastTrack network.
    EMule - just like its brother, EDonkey, this one is hard to configure, but once you get it working, there's no limit to what you can download.
    DC++ - This, just like the original Direct Connect, allows you to browse others' shared folders and find what you want to download off them.

    Multimedia - Audio - Players:
    Winamp 2.81 - better than Winamp 3 for audio, handles all common file formats.
    Sonique 1.96 - buggy program, but it looks cool and can manage playlists very easily, compared to Winamp, for instance.
    Jet Audio - if you want a combination of Winamp with a prog that can read Real Audio files. Look ugly though, and it's not that easy to manage playlists.

    Multimedia - Audio - Encoding:
    Easy CD-DA 5 - with this you can convert from virually any audio format to virtually any audio format, however slowly.
    Excellence WAV to Mp3 - the quick and easy way to convert WAV to Mp3 and vice versa.

    Multimedia - Video - Players:
    Quick Time Pro 6.0 - Would be my top choise if it was compatible with manually installed codecs.
    BSPlayer 0.86 - An excellent player, definately a must-have. Has some neat options that the regulat WMP doesn't.

    Multimedia - Video - Encoding:
    Easy MPEG & RM joiner - not exactly an encoder, but it's very useful and easy for joining separate videos/clips.
    DivX, Xvid - two very popular video codecs.
    XMpeg - fairly good encoding program, but many have trouble with it.
    RM Converter - converts RM to AVI and vice versa.
    RAD Tools - plays and convert Bink and Smacker. Great if you want to be able to watch clips from some popular games without playing the game.

    Multimedia - Audio - Composing:
    MIDI Maker - quick and easy way to compose music on your computer.
    Audio Compositor - a professional hard to use many-option program for making music - for those who are really into it.

    Multimedia - Audio - Recording:
    Cool Edit Pro - better than its competitor, SoundForge (IMHO), but some of the options are only for the more advanced users.

    System Tools:
    EasyCleaner - just can't stress how useful this program is. Unless you're perfect, you're going to have garbage on your computer and this is THE program to get rid of it.
    Volcov Commander - DOS-based commander, just like Norton. Very good, because you can fit it on a startup diskette, making formatting and such 100 times easier.
    Partition Magic - work with your hard drive to switch partitions, make new ones, or format.

    Word Web Pro - just like a dictionary, thesaurus and so much more put together - it was made to solve crossword puzzles, but can be useful for every user for many purposes.
    CrossCrazy - this gives you crosswords, etc. but also lets you create your own.

    There may be more, but I can't remember now.

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    for browsing
    pop-up stopper companion(stops pop-ups, emptys cache, temp files,history,cookies, has a quick links button for quick access to your fav sites and more)

    AI roboform(fills in passwords,name,address,etc)

    ad-aware 6.0(removing spyware)

    ill name some more when i think of them

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