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Thread: I Want Everything A Pc Needs

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    just posting to find later. some good recommendations on here.
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    Another good place to browse for Apps (to search for in Kazaa) is:

    Personally, I recommend:

    Norton Utilities


    GTA 3

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    Sygate is the best firewall there is, IMHO. You can give Maya a try, if you dare.
    Stick with Spybot. It's more thorough and FREE!

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    thx for all the input fellas, here's what i got so far:

    Norton Internet Security 2003

    Norton SystemWorks 2003




    K-Lite Codec


    am i missing anything i should get? all this didn't cost a dime, what a concept!

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    Wow Ynhockey, excellent collection there...

    I just would like to mention that I use Netscape v7 for Internet - It allows you to open new pages in "tabs" as well as "windows". Very comfortable, especially if you are browsing several sites simultaneously. It also stores your passwords and auto-recognises on return if you chose this option.

    I got sick of ACDsee - even though before V4 it was an excellent program. Now i use IrfanView.

    and i use a "customized" version of Mirc - you can program it to show all kinds of neat things

    I use Windows 6.4 for my media files mostly - very plain and simple interface, never crashes (as oopose to later WMP versions) and for majaor audio listening activities i also use Winamp. And Xing for audio-editing

    PowerArchiver will handle most archive formats without extra installations - simply unbeatable. But I also have winzip and winrar installation files - just in case.

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    A couple of things that are very useful,

    GetRight - download management from FTP/HTTP
    DigiGuide (if your area is covered by them) - TV listings on your PC
    CPUIdle Pro - issues the HLT command to the CPU in the idle clock cycles, cooling the CPU
    Diskeeper - defragger, written for servers, ported to the desktop - the best there is
    MotherBoard Monitor - monitors the temps etc inside the PC

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    Irfanview is an excellent program, would recommend it for everybody. I only use it as a viewer, but it opens lots of other files as well.

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    I'll just list what I use, that I have'nt seen listed over & over. IMHO these progs are musts: jv16 PowerTools, ProcRecon, O&O Defrag Pro and CleverCache Pro, Dachshund Hare, DU Meter, TinyResMeter, NIS, RAM Def XT (don't set it to auto or too high), PeerGuardian, ClearTweak, Eudora, Opera 7.02 w/o Java, Norton WinDoctor, Star Downloader, WinRAR & Nero. Oh yeah, I think it's vital to use both Spybot & AAW6. Peace.

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    If you're going to make a webpage, Macromedia Studio MX is good.
    For 3D, you could try Swift 3D, its what I use and is very, very easy for beginners.
    Photoshop is excellent.
    If you have a CD-RW drive get some good burning software like CloneCD or Nero.
    Also Daemon-Tools is a good program to save time not having to burn ISOs.

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    Originally posted by computerfreak76@20 February 2003 - 16:39
    for browsing
    pop-up stopper companion(stops pop-ups, emptys cache, temp files,history,cookies, has a quick links button for quick access to your fav sites and more)

    """"AI roboform(fills in passwords,name,address,etc) """"

    ad-aware 6.0(removing spyware)

    ill name some more when i think of them
    Don't want to keep passwords on your drive, somebody oot there might get there dirty paws into your system

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