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Thread: I Want Everything A Pc Needs

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    dont worry grim it ai roboform has a password protection feature

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    Everything a computer needs
    By Wocus

    (i hope you have money )

    that electricitie box (me dutch, me dont know english word) 300 W
    couple of whires... get them with the mainboard and systemcase
    Mainboard (MSI 845E MAX Pro Socket 478)
    CPU (Cpu Amd Athlon XP 2600+ 2.13 GHz)
    RAM (Memory DDR 512MB 400Mhz)
    cd-rom player.. 52 speed is enough
    burner is handy... (Cdwriter LiteOn 52x52x24 IDE) is oke
    if you, a DVD player is fun also... mostly for kazaa DVD rips!!!!
    ow ofcourse a FFD (flopy disk drive) 1.44
    Harddisk... like 120 gb 7200 rpm... (i dont think thats on the market jet,, then you have to buy the 5499 rpm)
    G force 4 TI
    sound blaster live (or something)
    OW, printer is also handy
    and a ethernet cart 100mbit
    ..................................................> did i mis something???
    and than thje progs.
    ACDC = picture viewer (very good one)
    couple of games
    a OS ofcourse
    kazaa OFCOURSE!!!
    norton anti virus maybe?
    winamp 3

    you know... progs. are very personal!!!

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