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Thread: Faulty Video Card

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    I have a faulty video card.
    (Ge Force 4 Ti 4600 128mb DDR)

    This is the first time any hardware has failed on me within it's 1st year of use.
    The problem is I don't have the receipt. I bought the card locally and know the staff quite well though so I'm hoping they'll be ok about it.


    Should I expect the shop to replace the card with something of a similar spec ?

    Can I insist that they send the card off to Nvidia for further inspection ?

    Do I have any comeback at all with this type of hardware ? It is only 6/7 months old after all and I paid a lot of cash for it.

    So what do people think ?
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    you need help for something like this? how about calling the manufacturer....

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    oh boy hope u get hell of a card

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    If you don't have a receipt then I think the mfg. can refuse.

    I would go back to the local store and ask the "quite known staff" what can be done.

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    Thanks to all for the feedback, I'm fairly sure if I was to deal with the manufacturer on my own I would get absolutely nowhere. So I guess I'm in the hands of the good folk at my local shop, hopefully they'll take responsibility as the suppliers and get it sorted.

    I feel I'm entitled to some kinda service after all the hardware I've bought through the years, and never returned any hardware till now.

    I'll post back tomorrow with an update.

    The card is guaranteed for 1 year
    ABIT NF7s--Athlon 2800--80gbMaxtor--41gbIBM--1024DDRpc3200--PowCol9800XT--Pioneer106DVD/RW--PlextorCD/RW--SonyDVD

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    Ya i feel your pain I only bye at my local white box store people know me by name. I find if i put all my recipets in the box they came in with drivers and the like I can all ways find what I need. But I have sent over 5 people there to buy so they cut me a little slack


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