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Thread: What Does Kazupernodes Actually Do (n00b)

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    dont flame me, ive heard so much about this program so I just wanted to know what it actually did

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    It greatly expands on the "Jump Supernode" command in Kazaa, allowing you to take control of the supernodes you connect to. Finding more matches for your searches goes up dramatically if you can put together a list of supernodes all spread out instead of in say just one country. You can download supernode lists of build your own from supernodes in dat files. It will let you extract the IP addresses of the supernodes hidden inside the dat files, provided they aren't using K-Lite and turned off "Don't save local IP's in dat file" I THINK this also includes IP's of supernodes, because I sure get a lot of dat files with no IP's in them.


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    You can go to Kazupernodes website for a manual about how to use it.


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