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Thread: Simple Sugestion 2

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    Instead to have all those version of K-Lite 2.4.3 in all the languages , is not posibile to make a language pack ?

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    Its possible. but its not like theres anyone here that can talk in 50 languages. Plus barely anyone uses this K-Lite2.4.3 clones, so its not likely that anyone would really want to make the effort.

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    I don't mean in all world languages , just for the builds available now.

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    Kazaa lite ressurection 2.4.8 may have a german counterpart, me and my german friend translated every english word to german, all thats left is for darth to change the english words to german. We need any native speaking people that know english, and the native language. I am taking on the role of translating darth makes the builds. and probably in 12 hours ressurection will have a faq sheet by me as well.


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