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Thread: Why Isn't Systemworks Fully Compatable With Nfts?

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    Has anyone else annoyed of the fact that ALL suites still aren't fully compatable with nfts. The main selling point is to fix disk problems right?

    So why does this option only work with win98 or under?

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    Disk Doctor fixes error on my ntfs drive (am using Win2k), it has to do it before you boot into windows though, but it does do it...
    And AFAIK, the reason it can't fix errors in windows is cause it has to have exclusive access to the drive (in other words be the only thing accessing stuff) and to do that it has to be before windows loads cause the instant you get any part of the windows gui loaded windows has got stuff accessing the drive...

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    I'm always having trouble with Norton system works. It doesnt matter if its running scandisk or speeddisk it always has problems it seems. Yes they should have more support for NTFS if thats the problem.

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    I was looking into this the other day, as I too have got a bit peeved with the lack of certain extras in NSW when using an NTFS drive. I found the following from Symantec:

    They explain what's already been said - that it schedules a Disk Doctor for when you re-boot - but all it actually does is a "CHKDSK" or whatever it is called, which is a Microsoft utility. Even CHKDSK itself can't fix problems when the GUI is running, and it too has to re-schedule.

    Anyway, Symantec fail to answer the question that is obvious (at least to me) - why isn't there an actuall Disk Doctor for NTFS? Is it because CHKDSK is good enough in itself for NTFS and nothing better is needed? I mean, with 98/ME, running Disk Doctor/Speed Disk after having done a Microsoft Scandisk/De-frag showed just how much more Norton could do that the native MS crap.

    I guess it must be the case, because the way I see it NTFS is the future - with 2000 and XP using it, which will soon be the only Microsoft OS's with any support. Mind you, I am using Norton 2002 - does anyone know if it still happens with 2003? (if there is one&#33

    Other annoyances include UnErase not working (really p*ssed me off the other day, as I went to cancel a leecher - PL0 and no shared files - but I accidently cancelled a download, which was the movie 'Empire Records', and was 550MB down!!! I really needed UnErase!&#33, the fact that Speed Disk can no longer Optimise the Swap File and Wipe Info is cut down too.

    BTW - I guess you know this anyway, but running LiveUpdate does get a new version of Speed Disk that works with 2000 / XP. Just incase

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    I use NSW 2003 with 2kpro, and yes it does defragment, but it will not do scandisc..the link given in the prior post pretty well explains the situation..and BTW I am using a fat32 format, so this is obviously something more than an NTFS situation, and as explained in the link is an OS setch...

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    Well, I don't know if NTFS will be around much longer. MS are developing a new file system for their upcoming OS (codenamed: longhorn).

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    What seems to be the problem with NTFS if you have XP will still install on a FAT32 that's what i have mine on, and longhorn is just XP with more UI.


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