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Thread: Kazaa Lite Resurrection

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    I noticed that Kazaa Lite Resurrection won't connect to download anything from kazaa user but it will only connect to Kazaa lite user

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    I have been using Kazaa lite resurrection for a few weeks now and it works perfectly. It connects to all users on the network including regular KMD users so I don't know what your talking about only being able to connect with K lite users.

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    Yea I been using it for about a week now. Today I switched to Clean KMD 2.4.4 And it strange to see that I get more search results with CLean KMD than with KLR. It's like the good ol' days all over again. When I search for software it actually gimme's results. With KLR only files I found a lot of was music and video and I would keepo changing Supernodes but still the same. I like KLR better though but Imma stay with Cleam KMD for a while.

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    who knows....ever since kazaa lite got taken off everything seems weird

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    That's pretty weird. I was just thinkin about trying KLR. Well, I can always fall back on THIS

    And if you're having trouble with K-Lite, try bit torrent. torrentstorm works great.
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    i still use kazaa lite. it works on my pc


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