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Thread: Limewire Really Faster?

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    I use limewire pro that i got from a friend that bought it . It seems just like everything else. If you find some good sources its damn fast. If anyone else uses it let me know and what you think of it.

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    I used The free version but it suck's for movies i thought,good for mp3's.K-lite is faster all around for me and has more options,And why would someone wanna pay for something that you can get for free? ( Limewire Pro=18.88 What a catch price by the way and you only get 6 month's of updates were-as K-lite= Free and unlimited updates B) )

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    True. but i didnt buy it it . If limewire got more movies and proggys on it, i think it could grow alot and be almost as good.

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    The free version is full of spyware isn't it? Doesn't it connect to gnutella network?

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    Yes have spyware, yes Gnutella.

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    isnt gnutella notoriously slow.
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    isnt gnutella notoriously slow.
    In my opinion yes.Fast for mp3.s but that&#39;s it.


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