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Thread: Name This Tune

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    ok. a while ago I downloaded a song. I thought it was weathered by creed. but it turns out it's not, having heard that on the radio the other day. I have no idea what this song is. I've gone to the creed web site and tried to match up the lyrics, but can't find them there. I've tried putting the lyrics in google, but they don't come back. I don't know the actual name of the song, and some of the lyrics are hard to understand. I'll copy down what I can make out of them. if you can name this tune I'll be grateful. and shit, it might not even be creed, but it sure does sound like them. asterisks are words I can't make out.

    waking up from a cold sweat
    feeling his head is soaking wet from
    the pain inside of
    he cannot hide from
    his feelings * * *

    he walks around town
    no place to hide and
    no place to go from
    the demons that bind him
    and strap around his arm
    we need some (gum? guns?)

    the scars and bruises
    from a dirty lifestyle
    they're weathered *
    society that makes him
    feel so useless
    and a dark world that hates him
    one he cannot
    afford to be shut out of
    he walks around town
    no place to hide and
    no place to go from

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    please help, this is driving me crazy


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